Mirror Me Booth

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Bring the LIGHT to your event with our state of the art Mirror Me Booth!

Large Interactive Surface

With our inviting animations, our booth will allow your guests to sign, stamp and personalize your photos with the large and responsive touch screen surface. They can even add stamps, send their creations via Email & SMS and choose the number of printed photos all with a simple touch of a finger. We know.. Mind blown!! 🤯

Creative Boomerangs & GIF's

Our state of the art integrated DSLR Camera allows you to record personalized boomerangs or even a GIF with your friends. The mirror will also create and save a GIF with the photos that were taken during the regular photo session! Creating even more Priceless Moments, all in the blink of an eye! 

Unique, Different & Fun!

Your guests are bound to love our Mirror Me Booth. It's a fully interactive, customizable touch screen mirror surface that changes the way traditional photo booths are being used. Perfect for any social event, the Mirror Me Booth fully engages and captivates your audience with fully custom designed software and even hardware branding, for our corporate clients. With over 200 premium animations, we'll choose the picture perfect animations to match your events theme perfectly! Or we could have a custom one created just for you! 

Built-In, Fun Filled Games & Apps

With our state of the art, hand designed software, we can do so many unique things when it comes to customization's. Just a sneak peak of what we can do is design your own custom built apps and games or play Ping Pong or Tic Tac Toe right on the mirror’s large touch screen surface. Bring excitement to your event with the uniqueness of our booths!


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