Cheesy Photo Booth

We Don't Just Capture Pictures, We Create Memories

People love the idea of taking silly photos in a photo booth. But some have complained that the interior of a typical photo booth is small and cramped. Incase of a party, most guests enjoy taking photos in large groups with friends and family. Hmm….What can we do? We Have a Solution!

Our tower of fun has several attractive features: Since it is open with no side walls. It’s great for large group photos, accommodating from 1 to 15 people! Moreover, the open booth not only entertains those taking the photos but also everybody else watching! It’s compact size is perfect for where there is limited venue space or difficult access. It comes with a huge backdrop in your choice of colors. We can also custom design a “Step & Repeat” backdrop with your names, monogram, and other graphic design.

Here are just a few of the features our booth offers:

- This changes everything: Cheesy Booth is the first and only photo booth for rent with two integrated screens. You have the ability to share images, brand the screen, or just display a slideshow!

Both the front and back screen of our booth run from the same computer. This means that there is no lag or delay for people sharing, texting, or emailing their images. You can even share while someone else takes a picture!

- Small camera, big possibilities: Cheesy Cam is different. Unlike a traditional DSLR photo booth, you never run the risk of missing out on the moment. It's designed to military specifications that will allow it to run for years with no hiccups! Also offering auto tilt functions so your guest never have to crouch down for the camera again! 

- Print Perfection: Instead of being tied to a single size, Cheesy Print can change at the press of a button. Whether you'd like traditional 2x6 strips or massive 6x8 showstoppers, it's all up to you. We've built a custom color profile that ensures prints look just as good on paper as they do on screen!


- 2x6, 4x6, 6x6, and/ or 6x8 photo sizes

- Still images

- GIF Creator

- Green screen

- Video Messaging Keepsakes

- Boomerangs

- Text/email marketing tools

- Data capture

The customization options with our Cheesy Booth are ENDLESS! Give us a call to learn more TODAY!

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