Cheesy Photo Booth


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Automatic Tilt

Our camera detects faces and automatically tilts for every session. It'll capture a group of basketball players as well as a group of middle schoolers. It does this by using advanced facial recognition software to physically move the camera. Yep... No cropping involved!

Massive Prints

You'll be able to print original images or beautiful templates directly from the sharing screen. Guests that are only familiar with traditional strips will be blown away by prints that are four times bigger than what they're expecting! The Cheesy booth can print 2x6, 4x6, 6x6, & even 6x8's! 😮 WOW! 

Dual Screens

Cheesy is the first and only photo booth with two integrated screens. You have the ability to share images, brand the screen, or just display a slideshow, all customized to your event needs. Trust us.. We know.. Mind Blown!

Live Galleries

Our software downloads every photo taken at your event and hosts it in a private online gallery. Guests receive links to this gallery with your branding, and you can track all of the data. Guests can share, view, and download files directly from the site! Don't worry, you'll still get that USB with every photo taken before we leave your event!

Features for Days

Guests have the option to choose their capture mode when they're taking pictures. Everything from photos to boomerangs to GIF's. You're guests are never going to get tired!

Pose Tips

Guests have more fun in our photo booths! It's a proven fact!! Guests will be shown suggestions for how to pose. With so many different suggestions, your guests will never see the same set of tips twice. These videos are also fully customizable, for all of those outside of the box thinkers! 😉


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